The services that we offer at G & G Advisors in taxation and accounting adapt to the needs of each company or personal business, within the areas of Finance, Accounting and Labor.
You can be assured that G & G Tax Accounting Advisors will create specialized services that will help you achieve your proposed objectives.

Tax services

➣ Obtain RUC (Business number)
➣ Declarations (All types of forms)
➣ Download pre-printed electronic receipts
Tax Refund:
➣ VAT for senior citizens and disabled persons
We manage everything related to Inheritance:
➣ Donations, Prescriptions (Form 108 and Annex)
We print:
➣ Receipts
➣ Withholdings
➣ Reference Guides
➣ Purchase Settlements
➣ Tax Discount, Ownership Transfer
➣ Financial Statements

Ecuadorian institute of social security

➣ Required Work History and Dates
➣ Submission of Forms and Payments
➣ Employer Registration and Password
➣ Bank Account Registration
➣ Employee Password

Ministry of labor

➣ Registration and Legalization of Contracts
➣ Employee Bonuses
➣ Utilities
➣ Holidays
➣ Employee Payroll

Accounting and auditing

➣ Accounting for all types of companies
➣ Income and expense records
➣ Financial analysis
➣ Financial and management audit

Business licenses

➣ Firefighters
➣ Health Permits
➣ Municipality (Payment of Patent and Property)
➣ Opening Approval
➣ Tourism

Accounting and auditing

➣ We speak english.


➣ Transactional annexes
➣ Statement of assets
➣ Annex Relation of dependence


Opening Hours

8:00 – 17:00

Institutional values

Good customer relations
Complete customer satisfaction
Professional ethics